Easter Eggs are hidden references, inside jokes, or similar material found within the Midnight Club series.

Midnight Club: Street RacingEdit

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"Say Sorry, Be Nice!" movie poster, as seen in Midnight Club: Street Racing

Midnight Club 2 Edit

  • After beating Shing, the player acquires the RSMC-15, a car that resembles Nissan Fairlady Z. These initials stand for "Rockstar Midnight Club."
  • Both Angel and Diego, two characters met in Los Angeles, are refereces to Angel Studios and Rockstar San Diego respectfully.
  • The champion of Paris, known as Parfait, is French for "perfect".
  • A minor character in the game, Owen, is reminiscient of James Bond, as both his accent and vehicle bear similar resemblance.
  • When you drive to the Ferris wheel in Paris, carnival music plays in the background.
  • In real life, theres a Christian phophet called Moses.
  • Nikko refers the protagonist as "Playa", thus, breaking the fourth wall.
  • If you stay still for a certain time while driving the Cohete, Monsoni, or Nousagi, the protagonist will turn around and give the middle finger gesture to the player, breaking the fourth wall. This taunt can be also peformed without mods.

There's also a strange bug in the game: Sound effects from different places on the maps of LA, Paris, and Tokyo can get stuck playing constantly until you quit the game. Usually a sound of drums and a crowd cheering can be heard, and will only get louder and louder until you quit the game. Those are possibly the sounds that originally comes from certain nightclubs in Paris.

Midnight Club 3: DUB EditionEdit

  • The manufacturers label of the Torrida, from Midnight Club 2, appears later in Midnight Club 3, behind Oscar in one of his cutscenes. it's also seen upside down on the PS2 loading screen.
  • In Tokyo (DUB Edition Remix only), at the round parking lot, you'll encounter a Midnight Club 2 billboard on the wall.
  • Oscar from Six-One-Nine Customs has a similar appearance as Cesar from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, another Rockstar game.
  • The songs "Renegade Snares" & "The Helicopter Tune" by Omni Trio & Deep Blue appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, which came out around the same time. The song "Spectre" by Aquasky also appears in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • Two songs from "Midnight Club: Street Racing" are remixed and featured in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, their names are "Imagination" and "Soundwall". They're possibly are a nod to the first Midnight Club.

Midnight Club Los AngelesEdit

  • "Midnight Club" graffiti appears on the concrete edge near one end of the Los Angeles River.
  • It's possible to turn the Saleen S7 into the Veloci from Midnight Club 2 by adding a widebody.
  • A GameStop store can be seen in the game with games such as Bully: Schoolarship Edition.
  • If you stop by a nearby house, you will hear a father getting angry at his kid presumably for pleasuring himself.
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