Blog 1024


Blog is the first challenger the player meets in the city of Paris.


He is usually found circling the center of Paris, where we find the Louvre, a small park, as well as a fully functioning Ferris Wheel. By flashing your headlights he will direct you to the front of the Eiffel Tower.

In Blog’s first race, properly named Eiffel Visions, you race against five other racers. There is absolutely no significant obstacles in this course. This race introduces you to the streets of Paris, which have a more unstable feel than those of Los Angeles. Your race ends directly after a small monument, which mimics that of the Arc de Triomph (although this one has three arches instead of one).

In his second and final race, penned Rooftop Vistas, has you square off against five racers. The many obstacles found on this course: A police car darting out of an alleyway as you approach the church, a four-door sedan making a left turn to exit a small alley, a parked car (similar to the Smart ForTwo) which blocks a part of your path when you race by the building containing one of the tunnels used as a jump, a car resembling a Pugeot 206 attempting to enter a tunnel leading to the road nearest the Paris river, as well as a Mail Delivery Van attempting to make a turn near the church. The end of the race is found directly after the south church doors. Upon completing both of Blog’s races, he will surrender his Boost (Ford Puma) calmly.


  • Before the start of Parfaits first race, Blog's voice will appear on your radio and make a witty remark about the Paris champion.
  • Blog is originally from Essex, United Kingdom, traveling to Paris to find more challenging opponents.
  • Aside from Blog, you face the likes of Marek, Beau, Adelle and Ansell.
  • The opponents cars are composed of Boosts and Stadts.
  • In the first cutscene, Blog has tooth decay. Later, the tooth decay is gone, but this time, his teeth are wounded probably from a car crash.
  • He is the first recommended opponent in Paris.