• Death wolf8238


    June 29, 2018 by Death wolf8238

    I had a few questions about MC:LA, i've been playing the game for a while but find some things questionate.

    1. Is there a reason to change bikes, i have the ducati 1098R as a pink slip ride, as it's the fastest, with aggro, it's unstopable, is there a reason to change it to a different bike.

    2. Is the cops hyper aggresiveness because R* created GTA LS, they get mad for a mph above the speed limit, but i've been speeding on the highway in a land rover and they don't notice, which is wierd.

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  • Austin J.Moulton


    June 21, 2018 by Austin J.Moulton

    i don't get why R* has no plans for a MC4. the division that made RDR also made Midnight Club & went defunct a couple of years back, yet they are doing a RDR 2 so i see why not a MC4?

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  • Aaryesh G.

    We all know ever since Midnight Club 3, there were wild car customization features compared to NFS games which had boring features of the same. There were real sponsors from the after market scene that made it all real in the game.

    But one feature that intrests me most is the wheel adjustments.

    Way long back when in 2005 I purchased Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition, the early races were kinda hard with my starter car I chose, which was a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Upgrades were expensive and out of reach at the start.

    So what I did was made the front wheels the largest width I could put (355 mm) and the highest size (19 inchs). The rear wheel's size were standard at 16 inch but the width was increased to 215 mm to keep it nice and light for the back end…

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  • Percyfans

    Mine is Nissan 240SX.

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  • Johnpoop60
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  • StrawDogAmerica

    Future of the Series

    December 13, 2013 by StrawDogAmerica

    The series has not seen a new game since the release of Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition which was released back in late 2009. It has been four years since the series' last release and I believe it's time for Rockstar to put down Grand Theft Auto and head back to their one and only "true" racing series.

    There have been of course rumors and hoxes about the series return ever since Los Angeles was released. Though no official information has been reported, many do believe for a new game to be in development or at least in the plaining stage. It is also known by most of you that the series will most likely remain in the U.S. with the front runner for location being New York City as it is the only major city to not be featured in a M…

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  • SilverStreak0

    This wiki definately needs work done. I just found this and I'm starting off by cleaning up the cars articles. I only have Los Angeles, though, so I won't be able to fix up other games in the series, unfortunately. Active members! Call out! (I'll try and find some more people who can help clean this up)

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  • Zoo3891

    October 2, 2010 by Zoo3891

    Please help Midnight Club Wikia by contributing articles.

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  • Baker78

    Problems with the Wikia

    June 17, 2010 by Baker78

    Most of the pages here, if not all of them, need cleanup. Some pages are just unnesscary, as well as one category, which is Fags. Some pages are also orphaned. Is there an admin who can help me clean up the wikia? Baker78 23:12, June 17, 2010 (UTC)

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