Car Clubs are organizations in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition which are formed around a particular class of vehicle.


Each club has a three race event which awards the player with a Special Ability for the class of vehicle used in the club. For muscle cars and choppers, Roar is added, for luxury sedans and SUVs, Agro is added, and for sports bikes, tuners, and exotics, Zone is added.

Car ClubsEdit

  • American Royalty Car Club - For Muscle Cars - Beat Carlos
  • Choppers of America Bike Club - For Choppers - Beat Phil.
  • Big Playas- For SUVs - Beat Dre.
  • Luxury Rollers Car Club - For Luxury Sedans - Beat Bishop.
  • By Invitation Only - For Exotic Cars - Beat Caesar.
  • Original Riders - For Sport Bikes - Beat Vito.
  • Unbeatable Street Racers - For Tuners - Beat Vanessa.