Not to be confused with Citi.

The Citi Turbo is an upgraded version of the Citi.

Citi Turbo

Citi Turbo


"Turbo version of the Citi. Handling and top speed improved."

The player unlocks this car by beating Gina in Los Angeles.

How to UnlockEdit

Beat Gina's four races: Unexpected Guests, Showdown, Weight Training, and Flight to the Finish.


The Citi Turbo resembles a 1996 Honda Civic Coupe.


  • It has the third highest top speed of all the Los Angeles cars at 163, behind Jersey XS and Monstruo (The Jersey XS tops 164 and the Monstruo 171). It also has one of the highest amounts of grip of all the Los Angeles cars (only topped by the Jersey XS). Therefore it can be used against the Stadt and Alarde in Paris.
  • The Citi Turbo is more of a grip car
  • With nitrous it can reach over 190 mph once it reaches top speed.
  • The Citi turbo has a different horn sound than the original Citi, it also has a lower acceleration despite being an upgrade and it has different aftermarket parts.