King of the LA racing scene, Dice is not accustomed to losing.

He always brings his "A" game, so be sure you're ready before you go for the crown.

-Arcade Mode Description

Dice is a minor character in Midnight Club II. He is the champion of Los Angeles and is the last racer you face before moving to Paris. His major presence within the city of Los Angeles comes into play when he decides to challenge the player to a series of two races after defeating every racer in Los Angeles. Dice is the last of the many Los Angeles street racers that teach the player a new technique, with his being Two-Wheel Driving.

Dice is voiced by Robert Jackson.

"Let's not waste more of my time. DRIVE!"

Career ModeEdit

After defeating the last available racer (whoever that may be) in Los Angeles, after their last cutscene is finished, you will be instantly shown a small pre-race cutscene that introduces the champion to you and their title as the champion of the current city you're in. Once this cutscene is over, it transitions into meeting Dice for the first time.

Dice, at first, very clearly doesn't think highly of you as he chuckles to himself and, while thinking out loud, calls you "another rookie looking for a title shot".

While still thinking to himself, he says that you're "trying to take what's mine" and that "he [the player] might have some 'juice'". After pausing for a moment, he says he's going to "drop some knowledge on this fool [the player]."

After this, Dice then warns the player to be "careful", as he's "got a reputation".

After beating him & his crew in a race that takes you on a long tour all around Los Angeles, you're greeted with another cutscene with Dice thinking out loud again. Looking noticeably more frustrated than last time, he mentions how "this kid got something, but he ain't seen the Dice in full effect". Not wanting to "waste more of my time", Dice yells at you to just "Drive!"

After beating him & his crew again in another race around a foggy, traffic-packed Los Angeles, the Jersey XS & the Two-Wheel Driving technique are unlocked. After collecting your rewards, the final cutscene for Dice plays. He finally admits defeat and commends you for having "some mad skills" while nodding in approvement.

He is never seen or mentioned again in the Career mode after this final cutscene.


  • Dice is the only characters with incorrect vehicle colors. In all three of Dice's cutscenes, his Jersey XS is shown to be black, but while racing his car appears red. It could be possible that black was his car's original color before red was eventually chosen as the default color.
  • His appearance, mannerisms, and the way he talks about his "reputation" and how "he's (the player) got some mad skills..." after beating him, may be a subtle reference to Vin Diesel's character from the Fast & Furious series, Dominic Toretto.

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