...Look out for his father, Diego, as the old man never got over his racing addiction.

-Excerpt From Angel's Arcade Mode Description

Diego is a minor character in Midnight Club II. He is the father of Angel and is a famous Hollywood movie producer. His minor presence within the city of Los Angeles comes into play when he decides to challenge the player to a race after beating Angel for the first time. Diego is one of the many Los Angeles street racers that teaches the player a new technique, with his being the infamous "Burnout".

Diego is voiced by John Doman.



Los Angeles
1971 Bestia
Movie Producer
Voiced by
John Doman

Career Mode Edit

After beating Angel in his first race, Angel can heard thinking out loud in the following cutscene, saying "The old man's in town. Hope he doesn't catch wind of this". After this, he threatens to "take you down" and "make sure that your brakes are ready to bleed".

Despite this cutscene featuring Angel, Diego is the one who appears at the starting line in the place of Angel for this race only.

After telling the player how to get a "better jump off the line" by "warming the tires", the race starts once a traffic light down the street turns green. After beating him in a drag race down the L.A. River, he gives you the keys to his prized 1971 Bestia. Angel mentions him again in the post-race cutscene following the race, saying that "the old man is losing his touch".

He is never seen or mentioned again in the Career mode after this cutscene.


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