The Ducati 999R is a vehicle in Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


The 999R is the most powerful version of Ducati's 999 series sports bikes.

In Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the 999R has the highest and maximum value for it's handling. However, that does not mean the bike is the best handling vehicle. Keep a watchful eye of where you're going, because hitting any traffic cars in anyway, above 180 mph will cause a crash. As with all bikes in the game, avoid hitting buses, trucks and stationary traffic like cars at traffic lights or parked cars. As with all bikes, using the special ability Zone can help to drive the bike through traffic and avoid buses and trucks. Sometimes, when the 999R does hit any traffic cars, the bike may accidentally go into a wheelie even if you haven't activated the wheelie function in the game.


The vehicle can be acquired for $29,995 once Class A vehicles have been shipped to the garage. The Remix edition increased the 999R's cost to $31,495.

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