Emilio Sanchez is a character in Midnight Club: Street Racing.

Career ModeEdit

Emilio Sanchez is the first challenger the player meets in New York City. His car of choice is the Crusero. As he is the first character in the game, he appears directly beside the player. Following him will lead the player to the southern portion of the city.

The player must beat Emilio in three head-to-head races as well as three waypoint races. After winning each head-to-head race, Emilio rewards the player with one of his cars - the Crusero Bueno, the Crusero Magnifico, and the Crusero Excellente. Beating the waypoint races advances the player towards facing Kareem, the champion street racer of New York City.


  • Emilio is of Latin descent.
  • People often question his masculinity; he attempts to prove this through illegal street racing.
  • The Crusero Bueno that he drives is painted green, with two blue racing stripes stretching down the middle.
  • The Crusero Magnifico that he drives is a monochromatic purple, and includes a Cadeuceus symbol on the trunk.
  • Altogether, the trio of vehicles loosely resemble a mid 60's lowrider, possibly a first generation Chevrolet Impala.