The Emu is a vehicle in Midnight Club II.



Description Edit

True road hauler. Excellent on long freeway races.

Unlocked by beating Steven in L.A.


The Emu, for the portion of L.A., has a very high top speed. However, in exchange, it has a very sluggish acceleration. Handling is hit-or-miss compared to other L.A. cars. It has one shot of Nitrous

How to Unlock Edit

Win all of Steven's Races: Takeoff Time and Triple Threat.

Resemblance Edit

The car model is based off the Volkswagen Passat B5, although its basename is vp_jetta.

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed 154 MPH Top Cruising Speed
Stuntboost 202 MPH Top Boosting Speed


  • This vehicle is named after the large Australian native bird.
  • The Emu has the slowest acceleration in Midnight Club 2.
  • It's name can possibly come from the fact that emu bird's eggs are green, just like the car.