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Ford GT
A Ford GT racing on the streets of Los Angeles.
Make Ford
Model First and only generation
Appearance(s) Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Vehicle type Exotic
Price $153,000
Base Class A-class Group Exotics
Real world Ford GT

The Ford GT is a vehicle available in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


"The Ford GT. is many things: a science experiment, a retro reissue of a racing classic, a work of art, and a blisteringly hot set of wheels all in one. Based on the original Le Mans-winning GT40, the Ford GT is a midengine marvel with a massive supercharged 5.4 liter V8 power plant, capable of 550 HP and a top speed of 205 mph. With its aluminium body panels, engine cover and one-piece door panels, the Ford GT is drop dead gorgeous, super light and not for amateurs.

Incredible high-end speed combined with exceptionally light weight makes the Ford GT a bit difficult for a novice driver to handle, but unbeatable in the hands of an expert racer."

-Midnight Club website description.



0-60mph: 3.5 seconds

Top speed: 205 mph


After receiving the Champion rank, the Ford GT will be available for purchase for $153,000.


  • Pete, the Exotic Champ, owns an indigo Ford GT with orange decals.
  • Dave owns a blue Ford GT with decals based on the Gulf version of the GT.
  • Hugo owns a silver/brown Ford GT.
  • Henry owns a black Ford GT with racing flag vinyls on it.


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