Glitches are bugs or unexpected behaviors within Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

Rate My Ride FailuresEdit

When using the Rate My Ride online feature, the game will frequently freeze the console. Any progress towards the Everyone's a Critic trophy for that session will be lost. This has been confirmed on PS3 with the latest (final) patches in place.

In order to maintain progress towards the trophy, a workaround is to rate a single vehicle, then exit out of Rate My Ride and back to story mode. After returning to story mode, immediately enter the garage, then exit again, which prompts the game to save. Return to Rate My Ride again to rate another single car and repeat. This will ensure that each rated car is saved and counts towards the 25 car limit for the trophy.

Freezes in Story ModeEdit

The game will occasionally freeze in story mode (confirmed on PS3). One symptom is if the radar does not show any colored objective dots. If this is observed while driving, immediately go to the garage and exit again. When leaving the garage do not move the vehicle until the radar shows the colored objective dots.

Freezes also occur occasionally when driving at high speed at the same time that a police response is ending (a response where the police have searched a location but not found the player and are giving up).