Julie (Black top) and Jewel (Blue)

Julie & Jewel are characters in Midnight Club II.

Career ModeEdit

Jewel & Julie are the second challengers the player meets in Paris. They are usually found cruising The Strip, which is the road found two blocks north of the Louvre. By flashing your high beams, they will lead you to a monument surrounded by a large traffic circle.

In their first race, named Twin Turbo, you race against six other racers. This unordered race takes place on the more narrow streets of Paris, plus the checkpoints are very close together, so it is widely advised that you pick one of the two main routes. Obstacles include: A bus, aswell as a random vehicle, that will begin to close the gap on the pathway of a narrow alleyway, a load of traffic found on the road near the church and a construction site that include hard brick barriers aswell as several layers of upright sheet metal. The finish line is postitioned slightly behind the starting point, directly after a jump attached to a large building.

The second race, Rollercoaster, consists of you versus six opponents. Some of the various hazards are the following: Several vehicles parked on the shoulder of a road that separates two large buildings, a light police presence, a one-piece semi truck exiting the road leading to the elevated park, as well as several vehicles parked at the freeway gas station. The race finishes nearby a jump on the far right of the Louvre, just east of the gigantic triangular glass structure. Once both of Jewel and Julie's races are completed, they will both hand over their car, the Bryanston V.


  • Julie and Jewel are identical twins.
  • If you look carefully on one of the cutscenes, theres a glitch on Julie's chest (which appears invisible).
  • Despite being identical twins, their personalities differ: Jewel is quiet and remains in the background, while Julie is more outgoing and openly flirts with the player.
  • Julie is more flattering and flirtatious in the beginning. This is shown to be her tactic to distract the player, as revealed in her sheer frustration when losing her car to the player in the final race.
  • Do not use Veloci on Rollercoaster or it will suffer too many impacts, increasing the risk of failing the race.