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Mercedes-Benz S600
[[File:Mercedes S600|300px]]
A Mercedes S600 driving on the Mulholland in Los Angeles
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model S600
Appearance(s) Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Vehicle type Luxury Sedan
Base Class A-class Group
Real world Mercedes S600

The Mercedes-Benz S600 is a vehicle available in Midnight Club: Los Angeles.


The V-12-powered Mercedes-Benz S 600 is a large, rear-wheel-drive luxury sedan. It is the flagship vehicle of Mercedes-Benz.


The S600 is a heavy car and as such, does power into a drift quite easily. It is controllable though. Handling is average, on par with D class cars.

On the freeways of Los Angeles, engaging the NOS in 3rd or 4th gear, the S600 is capable of speeds just over 250 mph (if fully upgraded).


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