Career ModeEdit

Owen is a challenger you must face during your time against Farid. He appears during the third race, labelled Extortion, as the main character. However, Owen is slightly different from the other minor characters found in the game (i.e: Mauro, Diego, Ichiro). Instead of being a regular racer, he is an international inspector, who is after evidence of Farid's involvement with counterfeit money found in Farids car, the Stadt. You must race him to the plaza near the old church. Upon completing this race, he will surrender his Victory (Aston Martin V12 Vanquish).


  • Owen mimics the likes of James Bond, including his accent and vehicle.
  • Upon releasing the handbrake to end a burnout, the front suspension will lift ever so slightly for a few seconds.
  • Owens voice actor is the same as the voice actor of Lukas Howell-Jones and Darren Thurrock from Midnight Club: Street Racing.
  • it is unknown why you would have to help Farid keep his secret safe from Owen.