Ricky is a character in Midnight Club II.


Ricky is the first challenger the player faces in the city, Tokyo.

The first race is called, Shibuya Scramble. This race you will face the likes of Toshi, Kumiko, Miklo, Reizo, Nikki, Ying, and Keitaro.

The second race is called Ricky's Revenge. Ricky is also responsible for cheating Gina out of the "Vortex 5" gifted from her by the player. If you win his races (which are pink slips) you will win the 'Vortex 5". Ricky is also most likely a Yakuza member as he has connections with an associate Ken'ichi.


  • Ricky and Angel are shown to start ahead of everyone in their last race.
  • In American Dad, a character named Roger has an alter-ego called Ricky Spanish. The personality of Ricky Spanish shares similarities to Ricky in Midnight Club II, as well as his name, and may be a reference to him.
  • With a total of nine racers, Shibuya Scramble has the most racers in any race of the game.