The SLF450X is a vehicle in Midnight Club II.




The SLF450X is by far the fastest vehicle in the game. It can reach 402 KPH (249 MPH) and has five nitrous blasts. Without nitrous, the Tokyo Cop and the SLF450X can reach the same top speed, while the Lusso XT can reach it with nitrous.

In a race, the Veloci would overtake the SLF450X, but the SLF450X will catch up and overtake the Veloci quickly due to its high top speed.

The SLF450X is so fast that when putting the handbrake while driving, it will explode. However, the SLF450X has strange handling capabilities that can catch people off-guard at first. As it goes faster, it becomes more responsive and turns faster. This can make cornering difficult, especially in tight areas, as the vehicle must slow down considerably before turning.


The player receives this car for beating Career Mode and Circuit Races. However, apart from the cop cars, it's the only car in Midnight Club 2 that cannot be used in Career mode. The SLF450X is considered a Tokyo vehicle.


  • The car looks similar to the rocket car that Sam Speed drives in the anime series Sonic X.
  • Some cars such as Lusso XT can beat SLF450X in races while fishtailing.
  • It is possible that Moses owns the car since he asks the protagonist if he ever saw it, or it could also belong to Ken'ichi since he says "That is nothing, you should see my other car".
  • This is the first Midnight Club game to have a jet car in the game.


Midnight Club 2 - Screwing Around

Midnight Club 2 - Screwing Around

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