Exceptionally fast road machine. Capable of spinning out if pushed too much.

Unlocked by beating Ken'ichi in Tokyo.

The Saikou XS is the third to last car the player can unlock in Midnight Club 2's career. It is the last car the player unlocks before racing Makoto.

Saikou XS

How to UnlockEdit

Beat all three of Ken'ichi's races in Tokyo. Once that's done, he will give them his car to use freely afterwards.

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed can range from 205-207 MPH on uphill/flat sections of road to 207-210 MPH on downhill sections without nitrous. With nitrous, speeds can range 236 to 238 MPH.


The car model is based heavily on a Toyota Supra with the AB-Flug/VeilSide kit.


  • This car is featured on the boxart alongside the Nousagi, another vehicle that is unlocked in Tokyo.


  • A Yellow Saikou XS in Tokyo.
  • A Yellow Saikou XS in Tokyo.