The Chevrolet Impala and Land Rover Range Rover, two new vehicles featured in the upgrade.

The South Central Premium Upgrade is additional content for Midnight Club: Los Angeles that can be purchased and downloaded for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This content is included with the Complete Edition of the game.


The South Central Premium Upgrade is one of four pieces of added content for Midnight Club Los Angeles, along with the free South Central Map Expansion and two South Central Vehicle Packs. The Premium Upgrade adds the following content:


Two new vehicle classes are added: Lowriders and SUVs. Nine new vehicles are added:


  • 26 New Races
  • 12 New Battle Maps
  • 10 New Delivery Missions
  • 100+ New Red Light Races
  • Additional Career Content

Vehicle Upgrades

  • New Rims
  • New Body Kits for Each New Car
  • New Vinyl Pre-Sets
  • Hydraulics/Airbags Unlocked on All New Cars

Other Content


The content is included in the Complete Edition of the game. It can be added to the regular edition of the game by purchasing and downloading from either the PlayStation Store or Xbox LIVE. Original list price was $9.99 or 800 Microsoft Points.

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