Steven is fascinated by the technology of racing.

He spends most of his time in the garage assembling and adjusting new parts to give him an edge.

-Arcade Mode Description

Steven is a minor character in Midnight Club II. His presence within the game serves little more than to allow the user to navigate through the game's alternative course layouts, let alone proceed through the extensive storyline.

Steven is voiced by Anselem Richardson.



Career ModeEdit

Steven is the suggested second challenger you will meet in Los Angeles. Though another icon is present when Steven becomes available, that being Maria, he is the preferred choice. He is always found circling the core of downtown, noted for the numerous high rises and abundance of light. By flashing your high beams, he will lead you on a daunting series of maneuvers, always bursting through the glass doors of a building opposite of a flight of stairs. Your end destination is located at the entrance to the LAX Airport.

The first race, 'Takeoff Time' is a solo race which features a dwindling timer as the lone opponent. The time trial style of courses is introduced, one of which will reoccur against Shing, and then again with Makoto. Scripted traffic, thus acting against the protagonist, are as follows: a mild police presence (the first police interceptor that you encounter is already preoccupied with another motorist, an unknown occupant in a mimic Ford Explorer who veers sharply into an alleyway before being apprehended, the other blocking your path at a contruction site) and a traffic light turned green, featuring both Midnight Express and industrial trucks trading paths from both directions near the end of the course. The race ends once you reach the intersection bordering a large structual building with a series of matching appartments.

The following race, 'Triple Threat', sees you competing against six other racers. The first of its kind, this course is a simple layout involving unordered checkpoints, designed to help stimulate personal choice as to which path will lead to victory. Should you maintain a reasonable speed, without crashing, taking any of the predetermined courses will ensure first place. Scripted traffic includes: an industrial truck and a Ford Explorer both turning one block north of the starting position, a limousine and another Explorer slowly crossing the front of a large shopping centre, and a semi-truck, coupled with a trailer, swerving harshly to the left right before the finish line. The race ends directly on a strange monument, which contains a squared foundation. Upon beating the rest of Steven's crew, he will reluctantly cough up his Emu.


  • Steven is depicted as a stereotypical nerd, one who knows a lot about the inner mechanisms of his ride.
  • Steven appears to be one of the youngest characters in the game, rivaling Gina, Haley, and Nikko.
  • He has relatively the same voice and mannerisms as that of Zero, a character and mission giver in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.