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The Torrida is a vehicle the player obtains in Los Angeles in Midnight Club II.


Description Edit


A torrida seen in Initiation.

It has acceleration better than that of the Emu, but not as quick as the Citi. Burnout launches are fast.

Top speed is adequate enough. Handling is superb.

It is a good choice against Farid and Stephane in Paris.

How to Unlock Edit

Win all of Maria's Races: Freeway Rally and Corner Cutter.

Resemblance Edit

The Torrida resembles an Acura/Honda Integra (DC2) with the headlights derived from a 98-02 Accord.

Top SpeedEdit

Top speed 147 MPH Top Crusing Speed
Stuntboost 195 MPH Top Boosting Speed


  • The word torrida is used in Spanish meaning hot or steaming.


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