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In Midnight Club II, there is a great amount of vehicles that can only be unlocked by completing races in Career Mode.

Every vehicle is driven by a boss in said mode of the game in three cities. Once the player defeats Savo as the final boss, the player can also unlock the police vehicles and the SLF450X.

Los AngelesEdit

Paris Edit

Tokyo Edit

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Vehicles of Midnight Club II
Los Angeles Vehicles

Cocotte · Citi · Emu · Torrida · 1971 Bestia · Interna · Cohete · Citi Turbo · Monstruo · Jersey XS · Traffic Cars

Paris Vehicles

Boost · Bryanston V · Schneller V8 · Alarde · Fripon X · Monsoni · Stadt · Victory · Modo Prego · Traffic Cars

Tokyo Vehicles

Lusso XT · RSMC 15 · Vortex 5 · Saikou · Knight · Nousagi · Saikou XS · Torque JX · Traffic Cars

Challenge Vehicles

Veloci · SLF450X · L.A. Cop · Paris Cop · Tokyo Cop

Cut Vehicles

SLF400 · Vampire

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